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Raise The Dark Lord - Devils Castle

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**out of the static a faint voice comes over the radio....

Greetings Fellow Survivors,

My Name...Is Hugo....I am broadcasting this message on all frequencies. I have discovered a new faith, stronger than any other on earth. The Dark Lord known only as "The Raven" needs the sacrifice of willing followers....We shall meet at devils castle in 1 hour to sacrifice our lives in a circle of fire to raising the dark lord from the depths...and to claim a seat beside him for the one true apocalypse.

All others will meet a terrible end i am afraid...

My Name.....is Hugo....signing off


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::Amy shakes her head in the darkness, and shuts off the radio.::

Where do these people come from? I swear someone's making these lunatics in a lab somewhere...


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Guest Likurja

*Mateusz reaches for his radio and clicks the button*

Have fun with that, make sure you fry yourself properlly, don't want any more fucking pagans running around.

*Mateusz lets the button go a returns to stare into his campfire*

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*Dobromil Hears Radio Chatter While Making A Nice Boar Roast, And Picks Up His Radio*

Shut fuck up! My God! These fucking loonies!

*Dobromil Throws Radio At Wall And It Breaks*

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*Travis Long is about to pop the tab of his Rasputin kvass as he hears a faint sound coming from his hoodie. He quickly takes his radio from the pocket. After the transmission is done he places the radio back in his hoodie. Travis shakes his head and pops the tab on his libation and takes a sip.*

"Skunk piss"

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  • Sapphire

*Radio Transmission fades out

Clyde looks at Bonnie who is fast asleep and then mumbles to himself

"she always manages to sleep through the crazy ones" he chuckles slightly, shuts off the radio and stares out the window into the darkness.

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*After hearing the transsmition Bar trun off his radio and marking Devil's Castle and it's 2km radius surounding on the map with a red marker and write inside the marking the word "STAY AWAY!" in varius laguages while saying to himself*

"Why am I starting to hear about all these crazy people settlements... First Novy Sobor, now Devil's Castle... I hope it will just end there now..."

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After hearing the transsmition the fathers speaks to the man*

My child..

The Maker is the benevolent creator of the world, all that is, is inspired by its magnificence. It is the sole source of all that is good and will save those whom embrace it body and soul.

There is no god stronger than any other on earth.. There is nothing Holy but the Maker.

Declare your humble servitude in its allmighty name every day.. Or you will face a terrible end..

"Praised be the Maker, the creator of the world and all that is.

The father turns of his radio.

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