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How to watch a video on the forums on mobile devices

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How to watch a video on the forums on mobile devices

Most people check the forums on their iPhone or tablet whilst out and about or unable access to their computers. Most of the time people say "link me I on iPhone". But these steps should allow you to view them easily.

Step 1

So you are looking through the forums. O there is a video which I can see but everyone is talking about it.

To see the video simply press reply!


Step 2

'I have the reply window up. What do I do next?'

You reply to the person who has linked the video and reply. Then look at the reply. It should look like this:


You see the bottom of the quote in which it says [video=youtube] and youtube.com. Copy that and paste it in your browsers search bar and search. It will come up with the appropriate video and you can enjoy the video of a failed robbery(ect). Make sure [video=youtube] and is not pasted.

This may be insignificant compared to other guides but can save someone time instead of asking for mobile link.

Now enjoy your popcorn and videos :)


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I have never had this trouble before myself. But helpful nonetheless.


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