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I'm a french player, used to RP for some time on SWG(french RP community) and some other games. I'm a nice guy who usually likes to play bad guys or guys who just want to do their thing no matter what the autority thinks about it, but i can be also friendly. A while ago i joined a french rp community but was disapointed by the lack of common sense. Maybe it would be a good experience to try an international one?

I like a lot the potential of DayZ RP wise, i just read about this community through google while downloading the game(once again) and thought it would be a good place to start with.

I'll keep on lurking around but this has already picked up my interest so expect to see me playing soon(well i hope!).

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Hello ! Sorry , i'm suprised I missed your post since I usually notice when there is a new french player :(

Because I am french also !

Make sure you read the rules and T.O.R is always pleased to help/play with players.

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