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North - Eastern radio show (UK server)

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Got get your radio! Lets chat! Lets talk about stuff ! Lets listen to music!

I am your host Leif Hellige talking to you 24/7 from the north-east radio program from the north eastern airfield's closet!

Frequency is: 87.8

We do also play music from our old rusty radio, just request something!

Most of our listeners are from Krastnostav, even though most of them have disappeared mysteriously because of some kind of infection! But what do i know about it.. I just stay in the closet.

(Warning if you come to the airfield be prepared to have fun)!

(No robbers please)

Ps: We need more staff

Due to some technical difficulties we are unable to chat and play music with you guy's

We are terribly sorry about this.

We will start to play music and stuff ASAP.

We are back online! Tune in now! Frequency: 102.5 NE

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/Moved to radio chatter.

Oh i did not realize i can put it there too.

I misunderstood, sorry about that.

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