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Pepe's Glorious FIght Club signup my friends!

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Time: Sunday (Tomorrow) 21:00 GMT +1 (20:00 London time)

Location:(White) Devil's Castle Server 1 EU

First fight club going live tomorrow! Signups are open until 1 hour before we start!

We want to have clean nice fights and a good time, so please do not come along and start some shit to ruin everyones time, just stay away if you don't want to participate.

Everyone is welcome to spectate and to make bets between players, cheer and otherwise have some awesome fight night style RP going on so we can all take a break from the horrible apocalypse around us.

There will be one fight at a time, two men, fists only best of three knockouts. Medics will be on site to take care of the injuries. The winner of each fight advances and the loser is eliminated until there are only two left. The last fight will be with knives to the death! And the winner gets a great prize and the glory that comes along with being the Fight Club champion of Chernarus!

So sign up and get ready for an awesome evening of great fights and fun! Keep in mind the 50 player cap so we're keeping the fighter maximum at 20, if more than 20 sign up we will have another fight club as soon as we can =)

Post your character name, fighter nickname and RP fighting experience and get ready to brawl!

Good luck to everyone! See you at (White) Devil's Castle!

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Sounds great.

Maybe post it in this board as well:


There was a former event, just like yours:


Just remind, that you might attrack unwanted people. It could en in a bloddy mess.

Might want to set some rules out.

Yeah I asked kindly for people not to come and douche it up, we'll be quite a few heavily armed ppl defending the event so I think we'll be OK, posted this in the event forum too.

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Pepe, your best friend Jackson will do his best to attend, and knock your punk ass out again.

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Pepe, your best friend Jackson will do his best to attend, and knock your punk ass out again.

You are a badman white devil jackson!

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Sounds awesome, been hoping for something like this to come up :)

Cool =) see you there

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3 Fighters confirmed so far!

  1. Khaliif Sharfiif - The Somalian Savage
  2. Sanovich Kozlov - The Moose
  3. Carlos Martinez - Latin Fire

We need an even number of fighters so heres hoping we get more =)

We realize that the fight to the death at the end can be off putting for someone as they would not want to loose their stuff, but Im sure this can be avoided by having a friend look after your gear, we will help in any way for the sake of good RP and enjoyment for everyone!

We are also looking for donations for the prize pool(ingame items), what is up for grabs is dependant on the number of fighters participating, if this first fight club is a sucess the next one will have a cash prize in the form of a donation to the server in your name(Not a large donation, Im not made of money :P) seeing as this is the first time Im doing this I need some experience with it and the events need some reputation before I put in the cash.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at (White) Devils Castle tonight!

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