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I started playing DayZ a few days ago, but had a hard time finding a proper server. I was looking for one that could offer just a tad more then "gear up and shoot newbies".

I came across this one, and immediatly felt it could be what I was looking for.

I just had my first game session on the server, and it has only confirmed that this is a great server. I was severly wounded when I made it to the safe zone, and out of nowhere someone just patched me up.

Minutes later I was able to hitch a ride up north with Doc Tomchak and a bunch of others. We stopped at a hospital to grab medical supplies for the doc, then stopped at a few spots to camp, but had to move on because zombies kept finding us. Unfortunatly the car crashed, and I didn't make it out alive.

It doesn't happen often that you end up with a total bunch of strangers, and have an amazing time. But if this is what I can expect on this server, I found a home. :)


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