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Making a proper report and securing evidence in game.

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Here are a few tips for making a more proper report, and also how to make sure you get as much evidence as possible to help you get the best solution to the reported problem.

1: Use a recording software.

Always make sure you have a recording software in use when you play. Two common ones that many players, streamers or just people that like to record their gameplay uses are

Shadowplay ( See explanation video below )

Open Broadcaster Software ( See explanation video below )

Now, there are many more than just these, but my personal favorite is the OBS ( Open Broadcaster Software ) since it´s very easy to use and it does not take up much space when you record. This is also especially good since you can set it to record at the start of your game and without problems, record for hours.

Do not be afraid to experiment with these and to set it up for usage. It is not that hard and if you encounter any problems, let us know and we can assist you.

2: Screenshots

Me personally, i have my F12 button set to take a screenshot that ends up in my STEAM folder. It takes literally 0.5 seconds to just click it and you have an instant pic saved. This can be key in a report or for that small detail that is missing from a problematic situation. Make it a habit of pressing it.

Why should i take screenshots? What use is that since we all look alike?

You can have more information in your screenshot than you might think. It can offer details about weapons, equipment and even locations even if you yourself do not know where on the map you are. It can also show chat-logs, other involved players in the area and more.

For you it´s one click, then others can make use of it for a longer period of time, and it is a valuable asset.

3: In game tricks.

Check pulse

If you mouse over a player when close enough, you see the option of checking the pulse. When you choose that, you are given the name of that player.

Whenever you are handcuffed or have a player near you that is engaging in bad RP or you feel might end up in killing you or anything else where you need that name for a report or such, check pulse is the best way for now. This can also be useful if you survive a KOS attempt, and you manage to kill your attacker. Try getting to the body as fast as you can if it´s safe and check the attackers pulse for his/her name.

Player list

Pressing the button P will show a list of all active players online at the moment. This list must never ever be used for accessing information if another player is online for such OOC ( out of character ) information gathering. You can however use it to help reports by showing all that was online at the time of the report.

Remember, even if you die, as soon as you spawn in again, take the screenshot of the player list then and after you done that, log out to report it. That list will show all online players and help the staff to narrow a list down.

In-game chat

The ingame chat is often used for Text RP etc, but can also be used to make timestamps in the chat-logs. If you are stressed, cannot do a screenshot or whatever the case may be, try to at least type something even if it´s after you died and respawned again. What this does is it logs your comment and also at what time you posted it.

The usage of this information is very powerful.

4: Making a proper report.

Do not just go online to the forums and type in what you are reporting in a text line.

The spolier-tag below contains the information you WILL need to make a proper report. Copy it and paste it in the text box you type in and then add the information needed as stated. Without this, the report will not be activated or worked on but you will just take time from staff and force them to respond that this is missing. Do it as it should be from the start.

Server and location:

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):

Daytime or Night-time:

Your in game name:

Names of allies involved:

Name/Skin of suspect/s:

Suspects weapon/s:

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

(upload any YouTube footage as 'unlisted')

Detailed description of the events:

5: Adding information to a report.

If you have information about a report that is not yours, see to it that you ONLY post it while it is in the report section. Do not post in formal reports if you are not included in the report in any way. If you have information nevertheless that you feel is important, then send a PM either to the creator of the original report or to the latest staff member that is now posting in the formal report.

These are just a few points to help you making a better report and a more accurate one. Just make sure that you do work slow but accurate. No one is benefiting from a stressed report or a report posted in anger. You will have your report looked at, so after you post it, wait your turn.

Good luck out there, welcome to DayZRP and be safe.

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  • Sapphire


Well done!

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Just wish for more new people to actually take a day off or at least a few hours to read up on these threads before going in to play. Better to be prepared than to end up in a semi constructed report that leads nowhere.

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Very important to try and just relax, make sure you have done all you could before making a report. It´s normal to be upset etc if you are the victim of a troll or such, but a fast report will only end up in you running back and forth trying to add information and answer questions you should had included at the initial state.

It´s like making dinner. A frozen stake and raw potatoes might fit on the plate, but it makes for a very poor treat.

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  • 3 weeks later...

good job man. I hope this will help with all of the reports coming in.

Thank you.

It would indeed make a lot of reports a favor if people took it upon them selfs to read up on how to do it, before it happens. Too many reports are left unsolved due to the lack of a simple evidence.

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  • MVP

Very helpful to new comers.

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