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Hey bud, welcome to the community!

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to PM any of us staff members, join our Helpdesk on TS, or just ask around!

I'd also recommend you read this thread to help you with developing your character and their backstory.

Above all else, enjoy your time here!


The Rifleman

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I'm a 31 year old American from Boston, Ma. During a trip to Europe I decided to visit Chernarus after having seen it on the news a few times. A few days after arriving I had a run in with a crew of local hooligans and ended up in a coma in the care facility near Solnichny. After a few weeks, I finally came around only to realize that there was nobody else in the facility with me. Groggily stumbling out of the building, and with pangs of hunger in my stomach, I spot the sandy shore line. Alone and in a foreign country, I wander around until I spot a person and start to run towards them. As I run towards them, the person turns and spots me, lets out a loud scream, and begins charging toward me. Realizing that this person has something wrong with them and is a danger to me, I begin to run the opposite way, back towards the shoreline in hopes that I can spot a passing boat. Just as I reach the shores again, I collapse and passes out from exhaustion. When I awake I'm alone on the shores again, I just need to survive.....

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