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An Encounter by Moonlight

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FTWANG. The bowstring resonates as it sends the arrow whistling toward its target. The arrow strikes true, burying itself in the neck of a young elk. Steve grins broadly, the expression almost predatory. The elk moves as if to run, attempting to take a few steps before it falls to the ground. Steve approaches the animal, knife in hand. By the moonlight he can see the chest of the animal still heaving as it gasps for breath.

"Shhhhhh... be still, it'll all be over soon," He says, resting a hand on the neck of the animal. Blood gushes from the arrow wound, having struck a major artery. Steve gets a good grip on the elk's antlers with one hand, then proceeds to deeply slice across the elk's neck. The animal struggled weakly at first, but soon fell still as the last of its life drained onto the moonlit ground.

Steve bows his head solemnly, almost as if in prayer. "Thankyou for your sacrifice. Your death is not a wasted, for it will ensure that I continue my life." He had no idea where the prayer came from, it was just something he felt he should say.

Steve worked quickly, skinning and quartering the elk with the efficiency of a dissection. When he was done, he carefully wrapped the good cuts of meat and stashed them in his pack. Looking over the leftover corpse, he makes sure there's nothing left worth taking. Satisfied he's got everything worth taking, he heads northward across the field.

Steve pulls his compass out to check his bearing. He nods, snaps it closed, then stuffs it back in his shirt pocket. The moon was bright, and he had many miles to go before morning.

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