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Hi Guys,

just a quick post to introduce my self and give you guys a bit of info about my self. I have been playing DayZ SA for a while now racking up roughly 500hrs of play time. I usually play with 2-3 of my close friends. I decided to come and check out what you guys are all about after seeing some recommendations on the DayZ Standalone Community page on FB mainly because of being fed up of playing away having a good laugh with my friends only for someone to come along and fire with making any attempt at communicating with us.

With all that being said i'm going to have a look around on here and see if this is something we might enjoy doing and maybe put a white-list application through in the near future. Any extra information you guys can provide to persuade us to give it a shot is most welcome. And if you have any questions fire away.


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Hello and welcome to the community. Best place to start is the Guide section and to wet your appetite with stories of the characters the Lore and Stories section should do the trick.

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