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Server time (UTC): 2022-01-17 22:48

To the guy that just robbed me i apologise

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To the guy that just robbed me in server 3 I apologise for my behaviour, I at first acted calm and scared as I would of in real life. Then got unreasonably angry and yelling at which I would never do if someone had a rifle pointed at me. I broke RP realistically from my characters bio in a instinct reaction.

It was a lesson however, not only to hold on and ignore my primal instincts, but also never to turn my back on someone after just meeting them. I knew that but my character didn't. He's getting more jaded everyday.

Still the apology is sincere and I hope you read this. But you left me with all my 7.62 and a blaze double rifle ? I have 2 hours my friend. ;)

I also just realised that was the very first time in all my dayz playing of roughly a year that this was the first time id been robbed and left alive thereafter.

Also left with food and water to see me through. God I love this community

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