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Have my sins caught up with me?


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*Clicks in record button on old small cassette player*

"Where do I even begin. I don't even know if this thing is still functional, but I spose it doesn't even matter anymore. I had a talent, something I was good at. I hated the Russian’s. The Russian’s hated me. But they envied my product, and wanted to pay me a truck load of money for it. They flew me on private jet to Moscow, and then by truck to a place called Chernarus. I've been in the business for 7 years and not once did I think I would be dealing with the Russian mob. But now... being in a world with walking corpses and the dead reanimating into those monsters... I don't think I will complain.

*Takes sip from flask, starts to cough but controls it.*

I majored in Chemistry, got a degree after 4 years. Getting a job at BASF wasn't too hard. I was always 'passionate' about it. Flew through it in high school, barely had to study. Ironic though that I failed a lot of my other subjects... enough with the life story.

It's funny how my product branched to other things. I don't know what I expected. I needed money. BASF fucked me over, I was left with nothing. If I ever met my parents I'm sure they would of stuck by me... oh wait. They took off before I could even walk. I couldn't care less if they were alive or not. I'm sure they had their pathetic reasons. My girlfriend left me. I had no one after she left me. And what? Cause I had no damn job? I'm so angry just thinki...

*Pauses for a moment, and takes a deep breath*

Back to the story. BASF fired me because someone with a better background turned up for my job. Wealthy, came from a family of "Winners". You know the type... high achievers. All that bullshit. I heard rumours he got his "High Class" girlfriend to 'persuade' him. No matter though. I got my vengeance years later. I wonder if he's gotten accustomed to eating through a straw everyday yet.

I spose that was what started it all.. my current business. At first it was cause I needed the money. But when I went deeper down the rabbit hole... I guess I did it for th...

*The sound of glass shattering in the distance, followed by faint growling*

They found me... took them long enough. I don't know if I will ever continue this log. All I know is my product has taken me to Chernarus. And I intend to finish what I started".

*Presses the button in again, ceasing the recording.*

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