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Vocal reports


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  • Diamond

A vocal report would be done like normal reports when the suspect has been found they would be asked would you want to go further withe this discuss or try going vocal to add more and better wive from both parties they would be call'd on to ts at a certain time to talk the report discussion over like in court qustions relating to the case would be asked over weather it would be done in the same room or on different once to avoid arguments .

this might speed up some cases since some people can make reports look even worse then they already are withe putting miss leading evidence or pov to a case.this is just a suggestion and i would be interested seeing what people say about this or could add to it so it would make sense to the reporters or the judge (Staff)

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  • Emerald

The only issue here is staffing. Each formal report requires more than one staff member, GM or higher to solve. Then, if you add in GMS that were involved, or members of the group involved, you can't be part of the discussion. While this sounds like a good idea, it would not be feesible.

Then if you also add timezone difference, the odds of having enough GMs meet in TS with the OP and the accused, it would just be longer then the text way we do it now.

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  • Diamond

how about putting mods to work on it aswell and only certain solid cases would be put threw like enough information for it that could lead to a proper case for them to solve like they put up few qustions that are related to the case and evidence on that person and either type the answers down or record the conversation ?

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That just seems like more work than there already is. Forcing people to get on teamspeak doesnt sound like a good idea.

OP and accused discussing over TS however is encouraged and can lead to the report being solved peacfully

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  • Diamond

were does it say force them to talk it over ts its a choice nothing more they can choose to do vocal or a normal discussion

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  • Legend

I can see your reason for this suggestion.

However, I agree with Thumper here.

And things like that happen already.

But instead of agreeing to a verdict in the end, the intention behind it is to solve the problem without Staffhelp and without making a report discussion.

If the Ts conversation is not helpfull to the case I still think making a report discussion and so on, is in place.

But feel free to join Ts and maybe ask for help to find a person and try to talk it out. Moderated by Staff or not.

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  • Emerald

The process of solving a report and making a verdict is a long one and it requires lengthy discussions which can only be done with a team of Gamemasters. A verdict can not be handed out in TS.

If parties choose so they can attempt, and are encouraged, to solve disputes in TS.

Besides, staff does not have the time.

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  • Diamond

oww you guys are taking this the wrong way i am not meaning this as a verdic or anything like that but to solve some reports that take days because of bad evidence or not a good enough pov this would just be to finalize thinks over ts to make a calm discussion on the manner at hand instead off making reports go 6-10 pages off back and forth arguments.this would not replace a formal side off things but instead make report easier to work withe and get a proper agreement on the manner or even resolve it their if the op thinks the suspect deserves it but a pov would be done on the report it self and then finalized over ts and then it would go formal.

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  • MVP

It's a cool concept Daryl, but the cons over-weigh the pros. Staff cannot simply give up the time to do it, and allowing someone to have a decision in reports is quite a high responsibility. Not saying GM above never make mistakes, but the chances are less then if you would let a moderator/CH help on report decisions.

Besides like Othyueg said, parties are encouraged to resolve issues on TS, this is a mature community and for the most part we can act mature with other people and be reasonable. Only times things should go formal is when the parties cannot come to an agreement and need a staff decision.

Like Terra also said, It's good to make a report discussion as sometimes disputes cannot always be solved with conversing.

Some people forget that there are people behind the monitor and and be spoken too without staff, I know I do at times :P. Sometimes just talking with the person your having an issue with can end up solving it.

Ex: I had a case earlier in which I wanted someone to be punished, but then I realized it was a mistake/accident from both parties we were able to solve it out and are now on a good basis.

Reports should be for punishing people who are detriments to the community.

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