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Deleted account


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  • Emerald

You can wait until Monday to re-apply without donating as it closes to non-donors atm.

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  • Sapphire

The admins are having a weekend off due to going through 200-300 applications a day. It'll be free to whitelist again on next week.

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  • Emerald

My account was deleted because i didn't activate it properly(stupid of me), and i am just thinking that could you guys re-apply me to The Whitelist since i can't make a application without donating.

If your account was deleted it was probably deleted because of inactivity on the forums and unfortunately you will have to re-apply for whitelist. As Owen has stated above whitelist are closed until Monday so you can try again then. I am going to mark this as solved as I believe you have recieved the correct answer to you question...


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