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Peachey Stories by the Fireplace

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Have you seen your loved ones eyes after they have become infected? Their gnashing teeth mouthing empty words as they lay there in their own vomit and feces. The smell of it inescapable, that stench permeating all aspects of life...then the sound of silence ebbing as your heart and breathing dominate your entire spectrum of senses as your loved one lies in a pile on the floor, the blood stained axe in your hand. You probably have...that's why I can't blame what those of us left have become. Grabbing and grasping for a past that will never come back, drowning our misery in indulgence of more of it...hoping that we become monstrous enough to stop remembering those sounds even if just for a moment.

When you are surviving, it makes each day different. You can never expect what the next day will bring, surviving thirst, surviving hunger, surviving guilt. Do you remember the days when surviving just meant the same? Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, clean up a bit..ha...yeah, i miss even that...then kissing hello or even just holding your loved ones tight in your arms, some dinner, dishes, then bed. Each day the same.

I was stationed at the Gorka police station, on the Admin staff as an attache dealing with the logistics of implementing and testing new gear to possibly be used by the CDF and specialized riot police forces... MCpl Adoma of 23 Service Battalion. I worked in Gorka, but I lived in Palona, the most beautiful, perfect little town...An absolutely incredible restaurant with the worlds best veiner schnitzel, I swear! There was this sauce that came with it and you could get as much of it as you wanted, if you knew the owner...That's when we were told our small little town would host the Cherno Fair for the region that year, it usually wouldn't head so far east, we were so excited my girlfriend and I, we had set up an extra stand and our town was going to sell these great unique pendants for all the people that would come to celebrate.

This was back before the news started lying to us. Of course now I know the truth, the carnival only came to our town because they were blocked from going west by the quarantine. This was back when I had a normal life, when I had a girlfriend. Her name was Yvanna, she bought me a Wolf mask at that fair, and I had a ring for her...don't have that ring now, survival over memories and all that. Survival, what a bitch of a word, I have seen what it means to some...bastards!

But it all started at that fair for our little town, so weird that I couldn't even see it, you'd think something like that is obvious...all those people coming in from around the area, they brought the infection with them I am sure...it started so slow but happened so fast. And the caring nature of our town, when someone gets sick, we all know. We all help out. We all died. They...they all died.

But before anyone had started dying, I went to work, like every other same day before that. My girlfriend, some of my friends, they were so sick, but the news, it was telling us that things were okay, so I went to work...I wanted to run, I don't why I didn't. Staying there didn't help anything did it? But I couldn't leave, and I hate myself for talking her into staying, damned news! If only they were honest with us from the get go! Damned news, and damned me too...I guess we are all damned now, huh?

The country fell apart so fast. Infrastructure collapse...Military collapse...Society in ruins. When the civilians started rioting, I knew things were hopeless. Our personnel couldn't help the sick, let alone dealing with those who weren't! Our unit was so well equipped, probably best equipment in the whole police force, I like to think I helped with that...but there were just so many of them, just, so many...rioting, looting, and killing were rampant. We were no longer a people, we were animals.

With no chain of command at my station, I followed a group of people heading south. Just following rumours really. No one talked much, no one stopped much. Mostly I just remember all the dust kicked up into the air blocking out the daylight sun as we trotted along. A respite really, against that harsh criticizing glare. I can still hear the thudding, plodding, stomping sounds of boots and shoes. Still remember the shunning of those who showed anything remotely close to symptoms. That endless, unstopping mass of humanity wanting to escape an unknown fear. No one said our destination, like we were all afraid that to mention it would make it disappear. It was our sacred superstition...All will be explained, all will be better, when we got to Electro. Of course we weren't the only ones who believed this. And soon our group was larger than I could count. Oh, I played my part in hunting, and scavenging goods, but even that early, there were opportunists, scroungers who sold goods for...favours, for darker and darker deeds. People starving because food was scarce, people dying in so many ways.

Then it hit us, or maybe it hit us before that, but at least when we hit Topolka dam it became apparent what we were facing...There were sounds of splashing bodies as too many people tried to cross the dam to fast. Then the splashing wasn't from falling bodies, but bodies scrambling up the slope only to collapse back into the water. Bodies mind you not people...bodies. I know because of their faces, people, living people, don't have those faces. By the time those crossing on the bridge noticed that those scrabbling up the slope were what they were, there was nowhere to run to. They were trapped by those still waiting to cross, and by those who had already crossed. They were trapped and soon they were dead. The panic spread fast, and those who hadn't crossed yet fled east to Kamyshovo, with me along with them. I don't know what happened to those who had crossed.

That once large group, held together by fear of being alone, splintered apart as people were now afraid of being together. Being around other people meant the chance that you could now be infected, and that was a fate worse than death. The fear was so palpable it manifested in a variety of forms. Accusations ran rampant then. Suicides more so. No one tried stopping them. Loved ones would wake up to a sudden loud bang, they'd run over, not to grieve but to lay claim to the possessions. They'd just grab at the bodies with these dead looks in their eyes, staring straight ahead, not even looking down. Then, when the body was naked and the loved one had left, the more pragmatic would come along and make sure that they were truly no more, one good smash to destroy the brain. We didn't bother digging graves back then...No one had that kind of energy to waste.

Over time, I joined groups, fled others. I can't really remember when I started breaking into houses. But I remember the starvation that forced me to do it...Starving is its own kind of terror. That's when I found the only bit of salvation I could endure...I started noticing that everyone wanted peaches! The first time I saw a fight over peaches I couldn't stop laughing. Then when they stopped their little tussle, and they both looked at me, with their hands both around that one can of peach, I laughed even more my sides started hurting. It was contagious apparently because we all started laughing uncontrollably. Crying and laughing over a can of peaches! I can't remember the last time I had laughed at all, an eternity. So, I pulled out a can of my own peaches and we all sat around our fire and we all shared in the two cans, and we started telling stories, and we laughed.

---This is my whitelist entry and if you can find any spelling errors or grammatical corrections it would be greatly appreciated (note, i am Canadian and we spell favour/rumour with that 'u'). Can't wait for the submissions to be back up so I can start RP'ing with you all! Until then I shall continue reading these forums, gleaning useful tidbits to help polish my entry form, and enjoying some incredible literature!

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