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A couple of RP questions


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Hey guys,

I'd just like to ask a few questions, because it may be my dyslexia, or it might just be me not reading the right area of the rules, but I'm unclear on some playstyles.

Question/Comment 1:

About 15 minutes ago, I'd just finished at the Kamenka Military base, met a very nice group with ghillie suits, and had a 10 minute conversation with them, swapping ammo and food without needing compensation (you guys are great!) Anyway, I headed up to Pavlovo, and came across a house with all the doors closed. I was fairly sure that a player was inside, and I went upstairs after announcing myself and getting no response. Weapons away, I went into the upper story of a green house. Inside, there was a character that was AFK, but with weapon drawn. After about 30 seconds (relatively long time,) he raised his weapon, and said "stop." I said, "Alright, jeez. Fuck you." I left the building and went around back to the water fountain. After I saw him leave and follow me I hid, but he found me somehow. As he came around the corner I greeted him, and asked why he had his weapon drawn while I didn't. He shot me in the leg. Then, he ordered me to put my hands up. The time it took for him to shoot me was JUST enough time for my animation to finish, and I'm sure that he saw it, but I was only unconscious. I thought, alright, he made a mistake, but he finished me off with a final shot a second later.

Question: Is this a valid playstyle? According to the rules, you have to give ample time for someone to comply. If you told someone to do something (him saying "stop") and they didn't comply, but they complied to a later demand ("hands up" or "get on the ground") does this warrant an execution - as long as they aren't a direct threat, of course - and is it frowned upon?

I'm asking as a devout hero; I don't think I've shot anyone in my couple dayZ of playing.

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/moving to questions

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It seems like a rather poor initiation from the shooters part.

Also sounds like he really didn't give you much of any time to comply, especially if you were as non-threatening as you claim. If you have a name, I'd throw up a report discussion to get some clarification on his part.

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You certainly shouldn't have been shot right away in the leg. He should have initiated first before trying to do anything for non-compliance, like shooting you in the leg. Like Rick said, it also seems like he didn't give you enough time to comply.

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