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Hello Cherno!

Guest The Mayor

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Guest The Mayor

It feels like I should introduce myself here, so I'll tell you a little about my first experience in Chernarus to give you an idea of my play style. Here we go.

I've been going by "The Mayor" for about 3 or 4 months now, maybe longer. I came up with the name when I decided to hang around Cherno and help anyone who asked. I started calling myself "The Mayor of Cherno" and leaving notes with helpful hints around Chernogorsk. It was fun for a while, but I ended up travelling north to explore the map more.

When I first started it was nearing the summer of last year. I went nearly a month without having a confrontation, managing to dodge other people, sometimes creeping past people. It was fun to be act as a hermit, leaving food in more obvious places to ensure that the next person would be sure to find it. I had a moment where a guy was looting in the same building I was, and I managed to sneak past him, and outside, then into the forest. That happened in Novo, and it really scared me when I realized I wasn't alone.

It was the longest time before I had my first dangerous encounter (outside of laggy zombies). I was out in a field and suddenly I started hearing someone shooting in the distance. I crept closer, found a reasonable hiding place in a barn, and tried to make contact, asking what he was shooting at. The shooting stopped, and the guy didn't say a word and tried to sneak up on me. I ended up using text communication to try to get him to communicate back, but he just tried to sneak up on me.

I forgot to mention that it was midnight on the server so I could only see shadows, and the guy managed to get inside the barn I was in, and since I tried to communicate without success I panicked and emptied my gun into the guy. (He had piles of AK stuff, but I just left the body and headed into the woods.)

I remember I didn't look up any maps, or anything for the entire life of my first character, so the exploration was really fun. I ended up lost way up in the northwest, and ended up following the edge of the map south, then when I hit the coast, I followed it east.

Anyways, after another few days I found myself down in Elektro overwatching the area with a mosen.

I watched a few people go in and out of the police station, but let them be, since they weren't bothering anyone, which brings us to my first death. I went AFK for a few seconds, since nature called, and I come back to a black screen with "unconscious" printed before me.

It was rough for me to leave my first character behind, but I did like everyone does.

I got another southern spawn, and hung out in Cherno, where I played the role of "The Mayor" and tried to help people.

It was two or 3 characters later that I met my first DayZ bro. I like to give everyone a chance, since I feel like everyone has the potential to be good, and it pays off from time to time.

I ran into him and a friend of his as a fresh spawn, and started a conversation, and they decided to have me along, even giving me a Magnum! More folks joined our little group, and we decided to run from Svet to Berezino.

As a huge group, we attracted a few more randoms from the forest, and it was running smoothly until we reached an open field.

We stopped and a guy in our group turned and clicked a gun he assumed was loaded at me. The rest of the group turned on him, and with a horrible squeal he died.

It was kinda hilarious, but who does that!?

Then, not even 5 minutes later the server went down. Luckily I remembered Zero's name, and added him straight away.

We've been running around for a few months now, and having a good group has made DayZ that much better.

I've met a few more people that now compose the group I run with. All have been through at least a few days of play before they become regulars for the team. It's been really great, except for the occasional hacker or 'KoS'er that ruins a night.

Now, I've set my sights on trying out RP. I'd definitely try to play a kind of hero type of character. My idea is that a person in this situation would do his best to save himself first, and then spend the rest of his time and resources to save what little humanity is left in the world.

I'd be signing up to be part of this community right away, but I'm really tight on funds at the moment, so I have to wait until the whitelist opens back up to non-donators.

Until then I would love to hear about anyone else's experiences in game, especially if you've made any friends!

If you've read this far, I hope my story was enjoyable.

Good night,

The Mayor

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