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The Story of Hans Waf

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Hallo, I am Dr. Hans Waf. A doctor originally working at Novodmitrovsk. I am now in Kamenka because the military cleared a location for me to research. I was born in Germany, and I don't remember my childhood. I ran away from home when I was young and hiked the European wilderness until I found myself in Myshkino. That is where I was adopted and raised by a somewhat wealthy family. They pushed me through medical school and all that eventually led to me being a doctor in Novodmitrovsk. I lived in Svetlojarsk and could see the sun rise every morning. It was beautiful. Enough about what I had before the outbreak. I was moved to the airfield near Grishino by the military after the outbreak reached Svetlojarsk. I heard word that my son escaped but I haven't seen him since. The military didn't give me time to look for him. They dragged me here and have had me working on a cure. I can't disclose much information about what we've learned but I can say hope might come along some day. The airfield eventually fell and the military stuck me in Kamenka. Simple as that. I do plan to head east and reach Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk in my search for the proper medical supplies to help people but that is a long time away. I have to finish on my work here on my current patients.

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