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Guest The_Hardy

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Guest The_Hardy

Hi there!

My Name is Hardy, im 24yo, male and from Germany (NaziZombie incoming! ;) ).

Im so glad that i found this COmmunity.


Because i LOVE Zombies.

Because i LOVE the Postapocalyptic Genre.

Because i LOVE RP.

I RP'd in WoW for 4 Years and became a well known Player on my Realm with it.

I even been to a semi-professional "Drama-School" for over 2 Years.

So i know all the Rules of RP and i DO OBEY them.

The only Minus on me (i hope) is my english.

Im good at english,but im not used to fluent speaking anymore.

So please give me one or two weeks time to regain my "skill" ;)

Im really looking forward to some awesome evenings with you all!

So much about me,

we will meet in the apocalypse!

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  • Sapphire

Welcome man. It's always nice to see more people joining every day. Hope to see you in game.

Just to be sure that you know there are a few pages to check out before signing up.




Just a few places to check out before you go about community. And again welcome. :)

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