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Hey, how's it going?

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Hello and welcome to the community. One of the better choice that I have made was joining up, you will not regret it.

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Hey, thanks for replying! Yeah that is what others have told me that are in the community. I hope I get accepted so I can experience it too. Is there anything in particular that is your favorite about the community/dayz standalone server?

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The stories of the characters are always interesting to read as is the interactions that takes place in game. Part if the fun is the forum as there is plenty to read and comment on:

A good place to start:


Rules (you may have already done this, however I advise you re-read them)

Guide section

Lore and Stories

The staff and community as a whole are extremely helpful, so any questions find one of the orange peeps, join the helpdesk in TS or just ask the community.

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