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Expanding my backstory (advise?)

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Hey everyone,

New player here! Looking for like minded people and looking to expand a bit on my back story a bit and i was hoping the community could throw me some ideas! Here is what I got so far, any advice is welcome!

Mikhail "Fox" Vivik

"There isnt much to tell really, I grew up in Solnichniy. Went to the university in Novo where I got a degree in forestry. My parents loved me and I had enough friends. Most of my life before the outbreak was normal, I move out to Shakhovka and worked to preserve the wildlife in the black forest. Often I would lead tourist/school trips in the woods to show the all the different flora and fauna, so they would be able to understand how important nature is too human life on earth. Hmm, kind of funny to think about that. I never got married, I didnt have any siblings and as far as I know now both of my parents are dead. Sometimes I wonder why I dont blow my brains out with my sporter, but then I remember some of the faces I have helped since it happened and for some reason the thought that if we are all that is left helps me to keep my watch of the forest and all the people that need my help traveling through it. Ive been able to help people, teach them the skills to survive and thrive in the wilderness. If we are able to rebuild civilization, I want to be there, I want to help people. Thats all I have now."

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Whiskey Tango got the advice right I think. Your summarized background story seems good enough, it doesnt have to be super-special or large as a book.

But if you want to expand it, there's room for it in the details of the summary of what you've already written. There's ways to make it stand out enough to be a good story to tell. The details of your parents, how you lived, how you worked, what you miss the most: Things like that. It also makes for surprisingly good roleplay if you sit down and talk about it with a person you know. It may sound "mundane" but frankly the mundane is sharply underrated in contrast to the "I must be a special snowflake!"-rp that a lot of people value so highly yet just doesnt sit right with a lot of the people they try to interact with.

I'd suggest starting out with what you have and then gradually give it some thought and just flesh it out organicly with what suits you best. As said above, its all in the details, but you shouldnt feel a rush to fill those out. :)

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  • Emerald

You could also tell how the war affected your life, since you are a chernarussian citizen. :)

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