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Blacklist Ban Appeal

Guest Bjacobs

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Guest Bjacobs

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I feel as if I covered all points necessary and corrected all the mistakes I was told I had in my application. I also think it was unfair that I was only told that I had 1 thing wrong per application instead of telling me all together and therefore wasting attempts.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I had a friend who got accepted look at my application and said that it should get accepted with no problems after I fixed some stuff (Which I did). I also covered all points of KoS which seemed to be my problem, not leaving out a thing. Nothing other than KoS was commented on.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I would like to get my application looked over again or get a fourth chance at an application as I know the rules like the back of my hands and would really love to play on this server.

What could you have done better?:

I think I could have explained myself better or have given more examples on situations involving KoS.

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You explained the requirements behind the sharing of KoS rights incorrectly. While this does not guarantee your appeal will be accepted please post a complete explanation of the KoS rule including that correction.

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Guest Bjacobs

KoS stands for Killing on Sight. Every time a murder is committed by another player whether it be a bandit or citizen. It must always be justified by the role playing and actions in the rules. So if Someone initiates on you(drop weps or shoot), and then they ask you a question or two, then lets you pick up your weapon, it is justified to shoot him because he initiated on you.

There is very few situations when you can take the life of another player.Now before you can take their life lets get somethings clear, you must always engage the target with conversation making your intentions very clear.

You must say every command clearly before you take hostile action. Like these examples, move over to the fence or I will shoot you in the leg. Drop the weapon or I will shoot you in the leg. These are just a few simple commands most bandits use to secure their safety.

Next you can take revenge for a hostile event that happened towards you for 2 hours from the time of the event, but you must not break any another rules like new life rule. For example Someone robs you, and you comply, and they let you go.You have 2 hours to find and kill that person(after 2 hours are up, you cannot hunt him anymore, but you may initiate on him later down the road).Or if someone initiates on you, and you DON'T comply, you can just turn and shoot them.

In either case if you want to share KoS rights you have to meet 2 criteria, you have to be with in 500 meters of the hostile event @ the time. Like if you're on a hill by Cherno and you see someone die at Dubky (2000 meters) you may not shoot the bandits but you can approach the situation.

Also in the event that you were just apart of the involved group. For example, you are with Bob and Joe for 3 hours but you decide to go your own way and 5 minutes later you turn back and you see them being shot at you can help them and return fire at the enemy.

To conclude you should barely kill on sight, but if you meet all these rules you can "KoS".

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Appeal Accepted.


After careful consideration we have decided that the fact that over all of your applications you did show the required knowledge as well as the fact that your latest explanation is correct we will allow this appeal.

Welcome to DayZRP.


Whitelist Accepted.

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