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[85.7] Wanderer Frequenty

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  • Sapphire

*Radio static followed by a soft cough and the striking of a match followed by a deep russian accented voice*

Hello this is Alexei Vadalkii, Survivor of the infection. If any of you out there can hear this, if you need help of any sorts, North of Grishino is a few houses that are stood alone out close to the forest. I am now there and offer any help to any wanderers that need help.

*A small cough can be heard again and the small pop of a can opening can be heard*

If you need any food or drinks, I have plenty hunting supplies and am willing to share them with anybody who needs it. It is warm inside the house and cosy enough to sleep for a few hours or even a night. I'm not a violent person but anybody who threatens peace around these houses is not welcome here.

*a short radio static covers up what he says next but the next sentence can be heard clearly*

This is Alexei Vadalkii, listening to frequenty 85.7, North of Grishino. Be safe out there. The Infected are not the biggest danger out there.

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*Weak static backround sound*

Good to hear your voice again my friend... I might hop by your place soon after I will end my buisness in Stary Jar. I hope to see you and Pavle again soon.

Keep in touch, Bar out

*All the backround noises get cut with the end of Bar's sentance*

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  • Sapphire

*Loud static screams through the radio before it calms down to a lower background static and a voice resounds from it*

Good to hear you again Bar, You are welcome to visit here. I've found some good open places to sit and hunt for wildlife. Also made the rabbittraps outside, nothing better than freshly cooked rabbit over a good fire.

Hope to see you soon Bar, Alexei signing out

*Static continues for a few seconds and then dissapears to the deadly silence of the land.*

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*heavy breathing and the sound of someone walking and loud static noise*

hello my name is David Swiss Jones I been these roads for a while I was heading towards green mountain but it seems there are some bad people living their Nickson but I might come visit you if you don't mind stay safe out there

*a loud scream from a zombie is heard and the man mumbles something and then the static noise is gone*

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