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(Overall Radio Call)


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*heavy breathing can be heard via the radio*

Hallo person who hears this

*The radio cuts out*

*got turned on again*

I just escaped Novi-Sobor. The family, how they Call themselves tried to get me into the church.

*heavy breathing can be heard*

TheY are dangerous!

They try to let you believe in the maker!


Im the black angle..

I Will try to help the people in the family.. But now I need to run as far as I can..

Goodbye people,

*the radio fell on the ground and cuts off*

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[Faint laughing can be heard through static as the all too familiar Church door creaks shut, a small thud before the man clears his throat. He speaks with a strong Londoner's accent.]

"Allow this to be a sign for those who still believe things are okay. This man runs from people trying to help him out of fear when there is nothing to be afraid of. Our family is quirky but welcoming and our belief is a belief of peace. Listen to the man run, people. Listen as he runs from a home, a family, warm clothes, food, water, a bed, a community... listen to the fear in his voice. We need to help these people. Come to Novy Sobor if you can see through the rumours surrounding our tranquil home. We open our arms for you."

[The radio hums quietly before cutting out.]

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[After changing frequencies, he stops once he heard mention of the Maker. The flickering of a lighter can be heard in the background throughout the conversation]

So you call us dangerous for showing you the light of the maker? This man speaks lies of the family, Our Father will protect you and keep you safe from all the evils of the world. Novy Sobor, is not a prison, or hell. It is a sanctuary, a home for the homeless. Within it, the Maker protects us all, should you come by Novy Sobor, do no hesitate to rest as no harm will come upon you. The Light of the Maker shines on the unworthy. You have been clouded by the evils of the world friend. But do not worry, the Maker shall guide you on the path to righteousness. Praise the Maker!

[The radio suddenly cuts out]

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[The radio hums for a few seconds before a woman’s trembling voice is heard]

Child, what have you done?!......Why are you trying to let the same thing as in Lopatino happen here? ……Is there really so much anger in you that you wish to destroy every safe home I find? …. Please child, don’t harm these kind people that have been keeping me safe…stop spreading the same gossip that killed so many innocent children in Lopatino…do you remember?..do any of you remember, how rumors destroyed our sanctuary, our home?!

[The radio cuts off for a few seconds, the woman’s voice returns sobbing]

Jack….I kn….I know about the m…masks you wear in the da….the….the darkness….the…the de… delusions…how you’re anger consumes you… you’re angry at me…not these…these kind boys and girls…and their Father…

[the voice grows quiet, barely heard through the humming of the radio and more sobbing follows]

I know…I…I…I know how you cut yourself…I want to help you…please, you’re not an angel, you’re a boy…a very sick young boy…someone might harm you…please child…I still believe that with enough love even the most lost souls can be found…let me help you find your lost peace…like these kind people have helped me…don’t run form what you claim to have been searching for…a family…one that loves you…please child stop spreading your delusions and come home…

[a rattle and be heard as the radio is put on the table and a faint woman’s voice is heard in the distance, praying]

“Maker, Father of all, and creator of all that is

Your words only reflect wonders,

Parables worthy of searching minds.

Your children earnestly strive to parallel after you.

Tend to Jack’s need of respecting others,

That he may never gossip against anyone.

[Footsteps eco on the background]

Guide him in the righteous path of life,

Where harmful words and gossip are non-ex...”

[radio is turned off]

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*the radio got turned on, you can hear the sound of burning wood at the background*

M-m-o.... Mary...

Its nice to hear your voice again.. Its weird but I miss my Mary.

You are meeting the wrong kinds of people Mary.. You are changing into a..

*a moment of silent appears*


I am a angle ofcours not like the ones god has but I will protect people, and I will help people. But not like the way you people do that. Forcing people into a Church.. If they Wanna join your group torturing them.

I heard so many story's mo.. Mary and I dont know which story's I can believe and wich I cant.

*you hear a heavy voice saying: TURN OFF THE FUCKING RADIO AND PUT YOUR HANDS UP*


*the radio cuts off*

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