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Hello! Our names are Natalie and Dave!

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It's nice to meet you all! Hoping to be able to join this community as soon as possible. We would love to get some experience on an awesome rp server! We've tried others that aren't very active, and we're lookin for the opportunity to meet dedicated roleplay survivors like ourselves. Both Natalie and I play together on one screen, which makes for a unique roleplay experience. So here's to new beginnings! Hope to see you all in game very soon. Cheers!

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Hello and welcome to the community. If you have any questions find one of the orange peeps or just ask the community. Enjoy your stay!

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So like- you're going to RP a person who is male and female with like two personalities?

I'm confused?

I'm pretty sure its a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband and wife sort of thing. :)

Welcome gamingcouple!

No i catch that

but like, if they plan on the same screen/account/steam account/ game...

How do you RP out being the SAME person, but with TWO voices(one female, one male)?

Or are you making two accounts?

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