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Tony Fonzereli(Disregard first 4 posts)

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The names Tony.

Tony Fonzereli.

Strictly Business. Pure Business.

I was born in italy, but my mudda soon had ta flee from the mafiaso's, my fatha being one of them, so she moved in with her dead beat sista in brooklyn USA. What a fucking hole dat was.

Anywho, life was like it was fo any oda kid gorwing up in the streets.

Kids rebeling against one anoda, fights, drugs, alcohol, starting to smoke at the age of 10, heh at one point my buddy vinny in the 8th grade tried to bring his pops .45 to the local garbage dump, er i mean the local playground, because some olda kid made a remark aboudismudda.

thats one thing you never do.

I talked the then stupid kid out of it. He still beat da shit outa dat boy lata with a billy.

Anywho, I wasnt exactly the 'behaved one' oudadabunch.

At one point when i was 12 I was helping my muddas boyfriend move stolen cartons of cigarettes. Boy da workin class in the neighbahood loved us, but there was always eh... competion...

Thats when I foist learnt how ta hold my self up in a fight.

My muddas boyfriend was getting ready to leave after sellin' out when dis guy comes out of know where and knocks me out and starts jumping on my uncle. Now im not about to let some 2 bit mook take out my uncle and take the cash we've put together.

When all da sudden WHAM! the guy hits the floor.

"Always watch your surroundings" My muddas boyfriend said ta me.

He asked him who he was, i couldnt hear what the idiot said, but by dat point he had already snapped the mans neck and threw him in the trunk wit the money secured. That same night i also learnt how ta dispose of a dead body. WHat a good guy dat guy was.

Neva did figya out he da man was. Anywho. Fast fowad alittle bit

I kept my good pal vinny around, and as we grew up tagetha, so did our rep.

beating the SHIT out of the local "hard" drug dealas for there cash. Vinny always loved smoking weed, i neva undastood why. What a putz.

So we always left da weed dealas alone. The harda ones always hadabest cash. Not shoi how but we wasnt complaining.

Like 2 peas in a pod, me and dis madman vinny. Until we decided to come to Chernorussia. Vinny said that a few of his "associates" would be uh given us de heads up of some ehh shipments dat might not come back, but they wouldnt tell us by letta or ova da phone.

Going true da whole 9 yads of passports and visa. Whateva we just said we was going on vacation.

When we got off the airplane, we were looking at the ocean with the aircontrol towas to our backs. I tought to my self "dis aint too bad out heas"

We jumped into a Taxi and Vinny out of know god know whea, starts speaking cherno-russian.

I asked him "Vin, da fuck?" "when da hell did yous find da time to learn a second language"

He grinned back and didnt respond.

Me being who I am and putting 100% trust into my childhood eh bestfriend, and didnt tink much of it.

We end up stoppin at in Chernogorsk, I assume the Capital or dis hea cherno-russia.


We get out of da taxi, and already waitin for us, right where we stopped, were 2 cherno-russian men. Regula lookin' joes. Nothing off aboudem. We chat up alittle bit, de actually spoke english.

Obivously, my buddy Vinny knows these 2 instantly. So we are still on track with the plans.

Walking our way true da town, nothin weird, atleast dat i notice. Then we get onto a boat.

I thought to myself "whoa whoa who said anythin aboudaboat?"

Vin looked back noticing my ehhh confusion and said to chill out.

The 4 of us jump aboard this boat and make our way out to sea.

While attempting to light a cigarette on dis tiny dingy, I hear vinny start chatting up about what we actually came here for. Knockin heads and taking cash

Outta no where the one cherno-russian man speaks for a minute in his language, then vinny nods his head...


Next thing I know Im being woken up by dis African man, as hes wrapping a bandage around my head, im trying to figya out what happened. it felt as if i was only out a few hours, but dis dark skinned man said i had been roaming with him for about 24 hours.

Needless to say I thought he was crazy.

I tried to leave, den deese 2 guys, jumped out of the bushes and tried to rip our faces off! The man who saved my life did it again.

"What in da hell is going on here and who in da hell are you!"

He filled me in on my last 24 hours which i might divuldge in anotha recordin. But for now. Some shuddeye. Glad I fuckin, found dis tape recorda.

*the sound of a button being hit can be heard but continues to record*

I love dis technology. alot easia den writing shit down. Fuckin, apocalypse. WOnda where I can get ahold of some perfume...AH SHIT DIS TING IS STILL RECORDING!



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  • 4 months later...

(Im using johnny graves old thread. If this is a problem dont hesitate to punish.)

Want to get this into audio and make it sound like the tape recording i was discussing in an offtopic thread. any pointers any veteran RPer can give me, any holes you see in my story tell me.

Introducing Tony. i've been shaping him for awhile now. and i dont know why im using an old thread to represent him. but I hope you enjoy.

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  • Emerald

looks good, it would make things alot better to record them. an orriginal idea none the less, its hard to read but sounds great when were talking ingame.

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*a crackles comes through an recording tape*

Day.... ehh hwhat fuckin day is it anyways? eh fuck it.

I'm not sure where my buddy blizzard ran off ta.

But I'm confident the man is alright.

I came across a hole near a shack the otha day, had some nice loot in it.

Stumpled into an old decrepid Castle, had some decent supplies, nothing worth grabbing. I took a nap there, then wokeup to zombies trying to come at me. I found a Machette and proceeded to kill them.

Afta that, i took a look at my map and started walking towards a safe haven.

Ended up donating them to this place called Haven. Blizzard has told me about it before, and we did try to enter once, but were escorted out when alarms went off.

*a gunshot is heard in the background*

Nice try fucker.

In any event I managed to find me anotha one of these empty tape casettes in a grocery store.

Finally. I was startin t'think that this story of mine would go un heard.

good thing i still have the first one in my pocket. now if i can just figure out how to erase that last part...

ehh anywho I think i hear more zeds then I have bullets


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//^Thank you John :)

*something starts to play after a short pause from the last recording, the tape only 1/4 the way done*

*some loud coughing can be heard as the scratchy speaker tries to maintain the audio*

Looks like I found me one of dem longa lastin tapes.

*a strike of a lighter and puffing can be heard along with a loud exhale*

turns out theres a safe haven in this continent. Ironically called "Da Haven" apparently. *he laughs to himself at the irony*

You'd... haha you'd think that they coulda tried sometin alittle more Macho but hey im not judgin. THey are keepin people alive, which in a time like this is essential.

Lets ehh *a loud exhale can be heard* lets not exterminate our own species awight guys?

Anywho, I dropped off a batch of supplies, as donation. Its kinda funny...

Because I knew of the place, but wasnt tryin ta go to it but I ehhhh musta made a wrong turn in Albuquerque.

*he laughs to himself again and sort of muffled by the scratchy sound the old speaker is producing, he says to himself "i miss dat fuckin dumb rabbit"*

Anywho I dropped off some stuff I had to give dem my name, which I wasnt a big fan of but dey ended up givin me a beer for my donation as a uhhh thank you i suppose. So hey no loss hea.

*low moaning broaning sound can be heard in the background*

*Clenching his cigarette inbetween his teeth "cumere ya undead-fuck!"*



I love dis Machette.

Oh yeah- *another loud exhale*

Finally found me some fuckin smoke after the last 2 weeks of lookin.

Just last night I ran into a small batch of survivors, i think 3 of dem, I offered them assistance for food and drink which they took with kindly reception. One of da guys had a pack of smokes on em, god if this apocalypse wasnt happenin I swear!....

anywho, asked if he had a spare but he did not. Made the craving that much worse, until finally I came across some wreck with military guys dead around the area, so I searched them up and luckily low and behold finally found a pack of smokes.

Bout fuckin time!


*a loud exhale can be heard again*

I haven't seen Blizzard in a few days, was running around with him for a few days.

Wonda what hes up ta.

*a pause of silence*

Looks like dis tapes almo---

*the tape ends and the play button releases*

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Whoa, about time i found one of des laying around a supa market

So I ended up finding Blizzard again, we met up and started takin care of business

came across a small settlement type camp today.

Looked kinda like de eh... previous tenants we over powered by those things.

So me and him are gunna try our hand at farmin, agricultural type shit.

Maybe eh help out our fellow survivors

Gotta find some rope to start taming us some wild animals.

My eh uncle use ta own a farm, not that i ever met da guy but farmins in my blood somewhere right?

*a fire satrts to go ablzae in the background along with a small explosion*

*can be heard adistance from the microphone*

'dafuq ya doing out dere!

*he comes up to the mic*

neva try and start a fia with a "empty" lighter, it may not be too empty.

Gotta go.


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