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Potential KOS

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**I'm putting this in the discussion because its not a formal report**

So today I was playing on the US server, and was in Berezino. When a guy by the name of Sonen Mempo was hanging around me. He didn't have a mic, which was okay, but as I was trying to talk to him he was only using the chat to tell me his mic was broken, with no "//". Which still was okay for me, maybe he was new (as I am too).

He began to tell me to wait for him as he fixed his mic, but instead he took out a knife and stabbed me. Kept chasing me, but I took it as bad RP so I went along. Yelling at him saying hes "Insane" and to "get away". Finally I patched up, and wanted to continue talking to him, having no weapon on me I just stood afar from him. He began to say he thought I was someone else, then came at me with a crowbar and I fell unconscious. I was still okay with this, maybe he was gonna patch me up and put handcuffs on me or something. But no, he ended up just killing me.

I don't really have proof, and don't know anything more about him besides his in-game name. So I'm not really trying to get him banned. But I am wondering if anyone played with him before? Is he playing a crazy lunatic? Or is he just being a troll. I would consider it KOS since he didn't show any form of hostility.

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Guest Vittoria

Yes, that is completely against the rules on his part, even if he is crazy.

I would suggest making a report discussion following this here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-important-new-report-regulations-and-changes

Since you have his name, the staff can find him on the forums and make him post his point of view on the situation. You don't have to, but this is completley against the rules and I would recommend it.

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Guest Vittoria

Okay thanks, I will then. I didn't know if they would know his forum name, because it could be different then the in-game name no?

Yes it will most likely be, but staff are able to get through the in-game name to catch his forum name

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