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Wanted to get some feedback on my backstory

Guest MissPriss

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Guest MissPriss

This is a serious back story and it will involve ingame twists during play that will change depending on certain criteria. All comments welcome.

June "Prissy" Laddona is a middle aged house wife living on an inheritance from suburban America. On vacation with her boyfriend of 8 months hiking through areas of Russia was some of the best times she had in her life.

You see Prissy has an issue with crowds, she gets nervous, sometimes she even becomes frightened. Not in the traditional sense but more of a panic sense. It becomes hard for her to control herself and she often just flees as fast as she can to get away from the often non existent harm that surrounds her.

While hiking through the hills with her boyfriend Henry, they stumbled upon a couple that were resting in a blue tent. Thinking nothing of it they continued on when they heard a moan.

Henry turned back but Prissy stayed, heart rate increasing she became nervous and called out for him to come along but Henry refused.

He called out to the couple in the tent but the didnt answer. Henry crept closer and called out again SLAM!

Prissy saw a flash of flesh rise up and crimson slash into the air from Henrys head. Henry collapsed to the ground without a sound and the tent began to move.

Prissys heart raced, she desperately wanted to run to Henry but she couldnt, she wanted to run away but stood. As she saw the cold, grey skinned creatures crawl from the tent Prissy ran.

She dashed through the woods faster and faster and faster. She ran until the blood was wet on her face from the branch lashes and her feet ached.

Finally she collapsed, and then darkness.

Sometime later her eyes slowly opened to the sound of waves.... and birds. She didnt feel the same, somehow different. She felt strong, almost like a man. Was she a man? A woman?

At this point all that was in its head was hunger. It spoke and its voice was deeper.

"Am I going insa!" Prissy stopped suddenly, startled.

My voice is deeper, I feel angry, no fear only anger. A rush of anger and hunger. Who is Henry?

"Henry" My voice is normal...soft.... what is going on...

I am not the best writer in the world but I hope the twists I have planned will be fun for all. I need to go eat lunch but hope to get positive and negative feedback. Thanks for reading.

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Its good to see more civilian characters. On a side note though, you may want to check the Lore for the site, as Chernarus isn't in Russia, it is a separate country. But I like the beginnings of it and hope to see more added!

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Guest MissPriss

Right! I was vaguely aware of that. I wanted to be very vague with where my character started out as she/he(?) started out hiking through areas of Mother Russia and it turned into a lost race for survival that ends up in a totally different place, disoriented. Thank you for the feedback and for reading my story davkerrith.

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