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Mike the vengeful biker's background

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Hey guys I just made this up for my whitelist submission and was kinda proud of it in my own little way. Figured I'd share. The inspiration for this character was basically "I like motorcycle helmets" :P See you in Chernarus!

Mike thought seeing his buddy's motorcycle helmet fly through the air in front of him was the worst thing he'd experience in his life. Johnny's head was still inside it when it tumbled to the ground and his motorcycle skidded around the wet leaves of the forest, shaking the limp body loose from its seat. Having a friend be decapitated by a wire between trees isn't something that just stays with you. It haunts you. It haunted Mike. When the zombie outbreak hit, he was glad to see people die - people were horrible. He could ride his cruiser across the country in peace, remembering the good times before what people called the accident. What Mike called the murder. That is, until the fuel ran dry. Stuck in the Russian wilderness, surrounded by bandits and cannibals, Mike had to get stuck in - because he wasn't going anywhere soon. Good thing he knew how to kill a man, good thing he knew how to live alone. Perhaps this was fate. It felt like karma, being stuck in a purgatory for people who sought revenge...

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