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how is that even possible (server ninja)

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Pressing refresh on the server and it flicks to 49 for but a second. But I mess up and refresh again not half a second later and its full. How. No-one can type a full password in under a single second. Half of one infact

Its even more insulting that I managed to get into the server straight after reset. But of course it had to freeze me so I couldn't actually play. Brilliant. Now I'm stuck fighting a impossible war with 0.5 second server ninjas. *sigh* gonna be that kind of day.

Still love the community of course, just wish it was more than 50 slots xD

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type the password, copy it, do ctrl + v when you enter the pass, if you do it fast enough you can do it well below one second.

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Just do as Mellstrom said to try and get into the server. Copy the password and paste it into the box to get the best speed.


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