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Redemption is Sinful (1)


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  • Sapphire

*You find a piece of paper in a radio tower on top of a mountain and notice it has some words written with a very shaky handwriting on it, you begin to read the mysterious note.*

"Money was always a problem for my family. We never knew when our next meal was. We fought for everything we got. My name is Morde Harlequin. Our parents were nice genuine people with huge hearts. My father was a firefighter and mother was a nurse. Dad died trying to save a family of three in a fire. 2 years later mom committed suicide That's why we had to do it. We killed many innocent people. We stole millions and never gave a dime. We didn't want to live like we did back in those days. We didn't want to hurt anymore. The pain had to go somewhere and it went to innocent people. Trying to escape the law we fled to this country. Then this shitstorm hit. I lost contact with my brother a week ago. I've never been really religious, but now that I see hell is on earth I need to earn my spot on heaven. I must atoll for my sins. The only way to do this is by helping everyone stuck in hell. They must be release from this prison whether it be death or escape. I WILL help all who need help. Secondly I must remove all evil and one thing extremely evil left on this planet is my brother. When I find him if he doesn't agree upon the same mission I will kill him. I don't know how I will bring myself to do this..." *You find that the page is torn and begin to wonder if there may be another note. You turn over this note and find an odd symbol with the words ASH, Anarchists of Subversion and Hatred.*

This is only part one of the story. It is undetermined how many more of these will be written at the moment but I have big plans! I will also be editing this constantly for better wording and pictures.

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