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Ban Appeal for Henry Geltz


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

Yurij Zakharov and I were temp banned for three days for combat logging. As Yurij has also just made an appeal I will probably be quoting some of the same things, as we are also discussing this on TS. Yurij and I were banned on the assumption that "for all we knew the dead person was killed legitimately as an act of revenge". This is simply incorrect, we were travelling in a group with John Hex, the KoS victim. Since we logged onto the server, we had not encountered any players until we got to GM, we were at GM for a while, when Jamie came. We had some decent RP in the jail building. John went outside to check the gate and was was shot out of nowhere, killed on sight. As stated: We had NOT been in RP before this, and nor were we initiated on, or initiated on anyone.

After the KoS, we discussed it on TS. Yurij and John told me it might have been a hacker, as they had previously encountered hackers on GM. I was not so sure about this. After Yurij logged of, I went to the entrance of the jail building to try to see the shooter. I stayed there for 45 seconds more than Yurij, as you can see on the server logs (posted by Lunabug on the report). I did not log of to save my gear, as it was outside the jail building in my backpack. This should back up the fact that I did not just log of to save my gear. When we logged on the server moments later, new people were there, taking my gear. Moments later the server crashed.

The rules say "The staff of DayZRP judge that people who log out in order to avoid retribution for their actions or as a method to avoid imminent player interaction will have combat logged." We did none of these, it was KoS and there were no actions for which to take revenge for (copy & paste quote from Yurij's post).

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

NAN.. Nothing more than above^ and on the report (http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-logging-on-suspected-hacker).

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I would like to be unbanned. On behalf on the points stated above, this does not seem to me as a rule break. Jamie, the OP of the report on us, even said that he would drop the "charges" and was requesting the post to be locked.


What could you have done better?:

I'm new here. I should not have listened to my friends, who suggested it was a hacker. But in the heat of the situation, this seemed as my best option. They have played here for longer than me, and I thought they knew better than I. I should have checked further more, if it indeed was a hacker. I'm sorry for this, I will try to do better in the future.

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mka130-Combat Logging-Guilty


Your Case has been reviewed by various other staff members within staff and we have come up with a verdict. Let me explain to you how combat logging works:

In this situation, your friend has died to what you had believed as a hack. The key factor here as the original verdict explained was that you where not 100% sure, you thought it was a hacker and did not know for curtain it was. If you witnessed somebody flying around or speed/wall hacking and had recorded evidence then we would of understand why you logged.

The fact is, there where other people close the area and you and your friend disappearing out of nowhere is an immersion breaker. If you witness something or somebody die, always role-play it out, that is a key factor of our server, role-play and even if we feel or see rules being broken, Role-play it out, record and report. That is how you must always deal with situations.

But to nail it down in the book, you leaving on hunch ruined someones experience within the area. Even though you didn't initiate nor did hostile actions, you where around people and had visual eye on you with interaction. Thus, combat logging.


Appeal denied

Points stay

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