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Mouth Soap

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After watching some videos on how I could better myself and my role play experience, I have noticed that in many of the clips I watched a good majority of the people the YouTubers run in to tend to have such potty mouths.

Now, before you start saying "this is a 16+ server" "they are role playing people who swear a lot". Personally I swear far too much in real life conversation, so I know how easy it is to fall in to the trap where every other word becomes a profanity.

However, I have seen in these videos that, more often than not, the person cursing is doing it in a way that isn't just part of conversation. They are being deliberately aggressive towards players calling them a "f**king tw*t" and other slurs I just find to be unnecessary.

Of course I understand that when role playing an aggressive character, your demeanour and tone can be very hostile. But I fail to see how putting a swear word next to everything you say or constantly calling people derogatory terms aids your role play experience. You can be a forceful, contentious character without having to constantly refer to your captive in such a way.

Essentially, I was just hoping to get some opinions on this type of behaviour and wondered if this was prevalent on the DayZRP servers as my experience has only been a short one, leading me to not have had any interactions with other survivors yet.

I honestly feel that if I were to run in to someone like this who did nothing but call me names and swear aggressively at me without good cause (if I had been aggressive towards them, which wouldn't happen anyway) then I wouldn't really know how to react and I feel it would even put me off player interactions altogether.

Thanks for giving this some thought and I hope to see those less-aggressive survivors ingame :)

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It is imperative not to lose sight of one's own verbal profanities. It is what held the civilization together none the less.

On a serious note though, It just tells about that person's imagination, which if they do use the same profanities says a lot. But everyone gets tired occasionally and its not that easy to keep up with your aggressive character verbally while in a high adrenaline situation (a robbery for example)

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I think the reason people such as myself is because it's a placeholder for a word you can't think of so it keeps the RP going without awkward pauses in many cases.

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I thought it might be best to include an example of what I meant by overly-aggressive, unnecessary swearing. This video from Psisyndicate shows what I assume to be a group of bandits where the main antagonizer seems to have a chip on his shoulder from the outset.

Again, I understand that he is likely roleplaying an aggressive character, but every other word he uses is "f**king". It just seems to me like a lack of social skills on his part.

If I had ended up in this same situation, I would probably end up asking his friends to talk to me instead of him as they seemed a bit nicer (not entirely friendly, but nicer than the main guy) and I would just refuse to talk to the main player. Which of course would probably lead to me being shot, but I just can't stand people who are unable to talk without it sounding like their entire vocabulary is swear words.


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