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Hello from England

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Hi all. my name is Matty I am from the North of England.

I just signed up the other day and I am currently getting up to speed on law and creating a back story for my character.

I have been playing DayZ for about 2 years or so I started on the mod. I love it, can't sop playing and I fell RP is the nest step.

I am an experienced RP player through WoW I played for about 3 years on an Rp server so I am really looking forward to getting started.

See you all soon hopefully.

[Edit] One question I have to help me getting started is how do you guys RP through a death? I mean what do you do when you start over?

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I am loosely going to base him on me in the sense that I cant speak without a Yorkshire accent. So regionally he will be similar.

In terms of back story I am thinking to go down the route of a journalist who is stuck in Chernarus in the dark so to speak. So no idea how bad he infection is back home or anywhere else and hopefully some other characters can fill him in on the missing details.

The reason I think journalist is I can explain what he is doing over there and also I will make some in game journals using pens and paper to record his story. Meaning if I die others can hopefully find it and carry it on.

What is is your character like?

[Edit] Only problem is I am at work so I cant really note it all down :/ Should be on it tonight though.

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At work also so Ill have to be brief my friend.

My guy is of south England descent born into a rich family. Gets disowned after he regularly abuses drugs and accrues stupid amounts of debt. Goes into a spiral of heavy drug use and debt. Almost ends up dead after a overdose but a French foreign legion soldier finds him and takes him to the hospital and saves his life.

My guy after being told about the FFL decides to join. Loose his old identity and start a new life.

Fresh out of training he's sent on a joint nato task force movement with his company to go ahead of a larger force and secure a operating area. The ship sinks off shore and he is knocked unconscious.

Waking up alone on the beach and with short term memory loss he's trying to remember who he is between heavy bursts of pain of which memories come after.

Once he fully remembers who he is ill have him start to search for other UN or NATO personel to work out the situation

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