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The Game

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Rule 1: You are now playing The Game. As soon as you read this, you play "The Game" so go further and read the rules. They are simple.

Rule 2: Every time you think about The Game, you lose. Loss is temporary; as soon as you forget about The Game you stop losing. The objective of The Game is to forget that it exists. Good luck.

Rule 3: Loss of The Game must be announced. Every time you think about The Game, and hence lose, you must say so. (You can't lose more than once every thirty minutes! If some tells you "I lost The Game" and you're on "cooldown", tell them so. You can't announce that you've lost the game if you're on the thirty minutes cooldown, even if you thought about the game.) Now, everyone, hate me. Or love me. Whatever. -- //Jan

26th 2015. Update

If you're reading this, you lost.

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This has absolutely nothing to do with what you're talking about, but when you're trying to roleplay, forget that it's a game.

Hehehe, I imagine the people in robberies "I lost the game."


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Stahp bumping this thread. You made me lose again.

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