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Hello, have you seen Mike?

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My name is Max Bok (that's book in swedish). I am looking for my brother.

Been wandering from town to town. At first just trying to survive, scavenge whatever I could find. Trying to make sense of how crazy everything got.

Started out with a small group of survivors from a overrun Red Cross camp. Everyone but me was dead in a matter of days. I got lucky. Or did I?

Now I am numb to killing infected. No longer caring if they were once human. They are moving target practice, standing in my way. My only goal is to find my brother.

Do not get in the way of my search. Do. Not.

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  • Emerald

Hey bud, welcome to the community!

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to PM any of us staff members, join our Helpdesk on TS, or just ask around!

I'd also recommend you read this thread to help you with developing your character and their backstory.

Above all else, enjoy your time here!


The Rifleman

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