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Any gunsmiths out there?

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Hi everyone hope you are well :)

I played my first ever rp server yesterday and I have to say I'm in love with this community already. .

At any rate I digress. The basics is that he had the ability of reflex knowledge of how to check a weapon to see if it works and how to make safe. But he isn't a gun smith so if it was broke he wouldn't be able to just fix it.

What I want to do is rp with a broken gun untill someone can fix it, I don't like this idea that every weapon works first time every time. But the game mechanics currently work that way so what I'm wondering is that because a rule states you cant metagame with mechanics that aren't in the game does that mean I cannot have a 'broken gun' untill I find a gunsmith (if there are any) and barter to get it fixed? Or even train me to fix it myself for a larger fee?


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  • Sapphire

You can roleplay your own weapon to be destroyed as it affects nobody but yourself.

That's all dandy.

Mechanics not in the game part comes into effect when you're trying to affect someone else. Like trying to roleplay destroying someones gun using emotes, or anything else that will affect his character without an actual mechanic ingame.

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You can try to find a soldier, there are many of them around and they should be also able to repair a weapon untill it isn't too damaged...

And i think it should be possible to damage guns in the game-mechanic

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See that's the thing I am a soldier but I don't think being a soldier should make you be able to do everything military related. Sure most soldiers can maintain and make small field repairs if they have replacement parts as modular weapons components are common throughout the worlds forces.

I'm talking about the gun is broke broke. It'd give a new job and allow for that added bit of immersion for those who wish to partake in it.

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Searcj for a Super Ultra Mega S. E. A. L solider from that trained to know everything about anything, he will probably in a secret mission to destroy all of the infecteds with a medicine he made with mud and magic. He will know how to fix your weapon. Especially if you will tell him that you are Mr. Moon

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Yeah that's exactly the super soldier mentaility I refuse my character to have. I want ri be able to need to rely on civilians that know trades that I don't that will help keep me alive and healthy. Its making people rely on other more. Instead of being able to do everything themselves. That mentality infuriates me :/

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