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have you been good or have you been bad?

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the rain is pounding down on the roof of the two story metal building Vasili has taken cover in, the wind tearing through the curtain that covers a shattered window, the dead roams aimlessly around on the outside and on occasions they slammed their bodies into the locked metal double doors

hmm were should i begin to tell my tale, not everything is of much importance but if there is ever an end to all of this madness and we can just go back to what was.

he gets up on his knees and pushes the curtain to the side and stares out in the darkness hearing nothing but the rain and the infected roaming around

My name is Vasili Bordec im 18 years old, i was born in Chernarus but grew up in England and a month before this shit started i was here on a family visit in Nadezdhino.

a shadow falls over his face as he looks away from his notebook, he pulls his face mask down and releases a heavy sigh as he taps his pen onto the notebook he dimms down the light a bit on his lantern and looks down into his notebook again.

What happend the first days during the infection is a topic ill steer away from, its not inportant for any of you who reads it i suppose we could make a list of the bad people tere might still be out there well alright memorize this

Well, my first "evil" person i came across has to of been a lass by the name of Sarah her last name is uncertain but ive heard of a Sarah Jones, not sure if this is the same person and her companion in crime Harvey he seems like a nervous fellow but dont underestimate him, it seems like anything she tells him to do with the correct tone in her voice he abides her commands like an obedient mutt,but if you encounter him alone he seems quite frightened, now i did stalk him for two hours before i approached and he seemed quite nervous, but he didnt do anything hastefull but beaware he will run if he recognizes you. Now back to Sarah she seems to be the one barking orders i met her and Harvey a second time at the international airport now they didnt seem to friendly and Harvey seemed eager to drag me of from the others into the back of the hangars were i saw Sarah sitting by a tree. After a while the others came around the back to and we mate a fire, suspicious as i was i didnt put away my gun in case anything happend but she seemed very persistant on making me putting it away, now she and Harvey went a bit away from us and i heard some words everynow and then and again if robbing me once wasnt enough they tried twice, before they managed to do it i ran out of there only to loop around to spy on them. nothing important was heard but thats when Sarah And Harvey split up and i chose to follow Harvey and as said above i encountered him and after soem convincing i got him to pass a message along to Sarah waht that message was isnt of any importance to you anyways but it may or may not give me some extra saftey.

he leans forward again and looks out of the window still there is nothing to be heard nor seen but the darkness, the rain and the ghouls outside.

Now for the other bad once ive heard about shortly we have the people who reside in the sobor area from what ive heard dont know much about them but they are everything but nice people by the sounds of it.

All of the sudden Vasili hears the door screeches as something opens it, he turns of his lamp and tosses his book and pen into his bag before he grasps a hold of his gun and walks towards the door shakingly, releasing a silent nervous "hello" into the darkness

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I think this deserves a bump. Not only because it's Pebbles :D

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