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Hey, just dropping in to introduce myself. My in game name for virtually every game I play is Poster, but my real name is Maranda. I'm 20 years old and I have a passion for helping animals.

I've been playing DayZ SA ever since it came out, and Arma 3 for about half a year. I do enjoy being a bandit, but not your typical run of the mill kos-and-dash bandit, but the "alright give me your can of beans!! thanks sorry i just really need this" kind of bandit who does forget to uncuff people every now any then.

Hope to see you all in game, whether it's a DayZRP server or another game entirely.

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  • Sapphire

Hello there and welcome! If you need help of anny sort, then feel free to ask staff or one of the older members like myself.

just a thing, are you planning to name your self Poster IG?

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