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Vinny Hertz waving hello

Guest Sinnaman

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Guest Sinnaman

Hello, my name is Vinny Hertz. Well, my real name's Magnus but you can call me Sinnaman. Or Vinny. Or Magnus. It's up to you I guess. I am a 28-yearold fella from Norway, and I play a lot of DayZ with roughly 1200 actual (not AFK) hours since release of SA. I hope to be on in the earlier parts of the day and I consider myself a generous DayZ player, however not an experienced RP'er by any standard. I do aim to change that, however.

I don't talk much on the forums, but I try to stop by from time to time, and have my say if I feel there's something that needs to be mentioned.

Anyway, have a good night all, and hopefully I'll see you in Chernarus soon, if my application goes through. :)

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