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The life (and death) of Mr. Cruton Wong. R.I.P.

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Mr. Wong died a martial artist. He fought and died with his fists. Let it not be said he was a coward who backs down from adversity or the threat of violence. Mr. Wong defended the weak and gave to the poor. He was charitable up until the end, when he gave a right cross to the Wong guy.

There was only one Mr. Wong... but there are many more. Mr. Wong is dead, but another still lives. The superior Mr. Wong was chosen in a quick exchange of words, fists and lead.

Now for a moment of silence...

And here are Mr. Wong's last moments. Enjoy. (PS thank you to the man giving the sermon, and the man with the MP3 player).


Fun RP everyone. I deserved it, but wish we could've RP'd a bit more before just unloading. Great service, man with no name.

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  • Sapphire

Rip :(

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