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Toilet Paper!

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Infections if you don't use it? Bathroom being a meter, closely associated with drinking water (particularly soda and lake water).


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I was thinking we should add a COLON mod and BLADDER mod. you know, so we can actually use toilet paper.

ok guise lets get ready to rob des guise.


real talk;

its just trash loot. i mean the best idea for tp would be a makeshift torch, or something...

a bandage though? i've tried to bandage myself with Toilet paper before and its not great. lol

maybe toilet paper can slow the bleeding effect but not get rid of it

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Coming Soon to the Trading Post: Tents full of toilet paper by the port-a-johns. Get to RPing!

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Nothing is more frightening than taking a shit in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

True and now you got the ability to use soft toilet paper. Could be the difference between life and death. Its just faster to pull up your pants then to use that soft paper.

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