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Proceed With Caution Ver.2

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Warning: The following contains adult language.

Yeah, that’s the day I started. The day mister and misses Vex thought six kids just wasn’t enough for them. Oh, but lucky number seven right? Don’t make me fucking laugh. Of course it was the one thing I heard again and again, those taunts from my siblings still echo in my ears. I didn’t even get to keep the title baby of the family for very long either, no, they had to go and have another three.

We were the tight knit close family you always wanted, went to church every Sunday, had Christmas over at grandmas place and all grew up smart, skilled, and successful, the dozen of us. Hmmm, dozens. I suppose when you talk about the dozens, you’re bound to have at least one rotten egg.

Mom was a nurse. My eldest sister followed in kind and the two of them worked at the same hospital. Came in handy the nights I came home with cuts and bruises, or worse. Come to think of it, they never asked, I never told. I think they knew, and just didn’t want to admit it.

My two eldest brothers followed Dad like the good little rats they were. Given all the opportunities to advance, goddamn rocket scientists the three of them. Going on and on about fuel mixtures and alloys and shit. I had to sit through their ranting every day for years, I suppose it was nice to have listened the night I made na… well, we’ll get to that later.

The others followed in tow as well, went to college, got educated, and all went into professions mommy and daddy would be proud of. Lord knows I tried too, I gave it a good shot, wasted a lot of money on pretending to enjoy university. I guess I did pick up a few things; how to lure women to bed, how much liquor I could handle before passing out, and exactly what it felt like to get punched in the face. It wasn’t until I was already an adult that I grew up, learned all too hard the time I’d lost.

I only really made one connection with my family, my youngest sister, Allison. She was a whip, smart and honest to a fault, brutally so. She always knew what I was up to, and always wanted to be a part of it. I couldn’t, not to her.

Was she the reason I’m here now? No. No, no, no, no. It wasn’t her; it was him, that son of a bitch I look for every day of my existence. The one face I see every day, but the face and the body haven’t matched up yet. So many bodies, none his, his, his twisted body with those hands that would mold me into who I am today, what I have become. And his name so sour in my head it’s like I bleed when I hear it… Demetri.

Enough I’m sure; you came here to hear about me, not them. So where does my story begin? That cold night nine months before I knew the light? Or did my life start when I first knew the dark? Well beginnings have to be made somewhere so the beginning is a good place to begin. Let me take you there now.

To be continued…

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