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Never Trust A Gambler

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Upon waking on the shores of Chernarus, Dani 'Suave' Del Liso roamed the tortured landscapes, from Riffy to Cherno, persuading and bartering with both hostile and friendly forces using his smooth voice and snakelike words to gain food, water and even weaponry. One day he came across a camouflage clad man wearing clothing revealing no part of his skin. Suave using his usual manipulative methods pretended to be a injured and sick man who had recently been out of a firefight.

The man immediately saw through Suave's ploy and pulled a longhorn out of his chest holster and demanded for all valuables out of his hunting backpack. He shakes his gun and moves it closer to Suave's temple. The "injured" man straightens his posture till hes standing straight and no longer hunched over like he was hurt and slowly raises his hands.

"Listen old sport, I'm sure theres a more sophisticated way of settling this little debacle. Are you a man of luck and chance?" Suave said raising an eye brow to the captor.

"What are you talking about, just hand me your back pack and you can be out of here." The man said with a slight tinge of anger

"Its never as simple as that is it, you're going to handcuff me, burlap me and steal the rest of my gear. Hey this is a tough world, I get it, you do what you need to do." Suave says placing his hands behind his head and kneeling on the floor.

The man stands idle, skeptical of the trick Suave was trying to pull and lowers his gun.

"Stand up idiot, you're making a fool of yourself. How did you think we could settle this fair and square?"

"Ah, wise choice old sport." Suave says placing his arms into his backpack and pulling out a small coin and 3 larger cups. "This here is my most prized possession; A Chilean peso. Its my last piece of currency from South America where I spent my childho-" "

I asked what you wanted to do, not to read ya bloody diary, tell me how this is relevant." The man said, cutting of Suave's continuing story.

"I was getting to that, this was the first thing I ever received as a reward for gambling, so I was thinking, if you pick the right cup with the coin in it after I shuffle the cups then you get all my belongs and get to decide my fate, if you don't. I walk."

"OK, sure, I'm game." The man says re-holstering his gun.

"I'll make it easy for you." Suave says faking a cheery smile.

He pulls out a flip out table and places the three cups down slowly and carefully putting the coin inside the middle cup. He rotates all 3 cups almost too slowly around that even a four year old could tell which cup was the middle one, and stops, and stifled his usual, smug, smile.

"Easy, its definitely this one!" The man says as he points to the left-most cup.

"Why don't you pick it up and see?"

The man went to pick up the cup, focusing heavily on the desk below and sees the coin under. He shouts yes! But a slight beeping catches his attention as he looks up to see Suave running.

The floor erupts from under the man as he is engulfed in flames from the explosion from under the table.

Suave put on his thin framed sun shades and pulled out a bag of pesos and began flipping one, whistling the tune of "Johnny Guitar".

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  • Sapphire

A good read, interested to know more about your character!

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Thank you person I totally dont know :D

Well now you've blown my cover

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