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  • Emerald

*Radio static*

Hello everyone! How are you on dis glorias day? Pepe was wanting to let everywan know he is gona settal in da chernarus for a while, Pepe has bin trying to get out of here, but Pepe has had no luck wif dis, so Pepe wanted everywan to know dat he is gona put up sam good entertainment for all da goodmen in chernarus! Pepe will be setteling in a kamp once me has found a lekker place to do dis, and in Pepes kamp all da goodmen are welkam to join him in sam good fun, Pepe is setting up a fight klub for everywan to enjoy, just like me used to ran back in souf afrikaa! You kan kom and fight, have a goodtime with all da goodmen and if you have prisoners you want to put in da fight, pepe is ok wif dat.

Dere will be a prize for da winnah of da tournaments every day, and everyone is welkam to donate prizes for Pepe to gif away to da winnah! Pepe will kam bak to you all when he is settled at his kamp! Take care everywan, Pepe out!

*end of transmission*

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