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Backpack stacking


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  • Event Master

I am wondering if it is against the rules to put backpacks inside of one another. The same question would apply to clothes (putting shirts infinitely in one another)

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  • MVP

It is a game mechanic and is theoretically possible IRL, depending on how it is done.

So I don't think there is a problem with it.

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I don't have a problem with putting a backpack in a bigger backpack, or putting a normal sized backpack in an improvised leather backpack, which in itself could just be explained as a wrapping for your pack.

When you start putting mountain packs in hunting bags is when a problem arises, and its just abuse of game mechanics.

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Bagception, huh?

To me it is a problem from an RP standpoint, just think about one thing : how can you explain ICly the fact you pull off a filled mountain backpack, from another backpack?

To me, stacking backpacks is only a gameplay related feature. Stacking shirts on shirts may do it, but that's all.

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  • MVP

You can't stack things infinitely anymore so it's fine imo.

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  • MVP

As Tamaster said, you are no longer able to infinitely stack items such as backpacks, so you should be fine.


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