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Tear soaked Diary of Sunny Macbeth

Guest Malcavitch

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Guest Malcavitch

Day 1.

It has been a difficult 12 hours. I've put the past behind me and entered the first town i came across. The streets where empty. No-one was in sight. There was no sounds. No cars driving by just smashed windows of nearby homes and open doors. I found myself stopping outside a wooden house that reminded me so much of home. I entered to find blood on the walls and drag patterns leading to what i believe was the bathroom. I've seen to much today i could't bring myself to face the horror that was inside. I went to the kitchen and washed the gore off my hands and face. It was then i seen him.. A lone man running down the street being chased by one of those people. I stepped outside and beckoned him inside.

I searched and there it was, a hockey stick laying on the bed. I took it in both hands i closed the door behind me. He told me i was a fool, but i didn't listen, i hit it several times but it just didn't stop. Didn't take long until i had blood dripping down my arms and legs. But as each moment passed i felt no pain just an urge to Kill!. I continued my onslaught and it fell ce. Then began to recover i didn't stop even when it went down i kept going, and going, and going. I dropped the stick and i knelt. Hands on my knees i crouched there. Staring at the corpse, staring at emptiness that i had become. He spoke to me then, told me his name was so hing, i can t re ber now it was a blur a whisper in the wind. As he bandaged me up he spoke to me but all i could see and feel was what i should have done, what I should off finished what i should of had the courage to do not just cower a y and scream into the wind and leave him strugg g. I must go back i thought but Steve stopped me. He told me things i couldn't understand him. i made out the word p ce, and it hit me.. The police station will have answers. I asked him to take me their but he didn't know where. We searched with no words shared between us then.

There is stood a yellow building with big double doors barred shut. We entered, but there was nothing there but this pen and paper i write with right now. The man then left he thanked me for my heroic actions hours before and asked if i would help him find safety but i could not. Cra g, sapped of energy and hungry i ate a Zucchini and had a can of cola and lay on the bed of the police station finding rest. Today will be a new day i told myself, i must pull myself from this despair and get my mind thinking straight. I must find out whats happening how i can help, i must do something. People could be in danger surely i can help? I must try. Ill keep a log of what happens ive got enough paper to last a few days. So many que ns need answered. Where am i? Is m alive? Should i go back and face my Father in his new state? Is my mum one of those? surely not she must be e. I need her to be alive! i cant take anymore loss. Wi m if you where here you would no what to do. T s was s ething He would be good with. Im soft. It's different when your not killing someone from a distance you cant see there faces, there emotions. I must pull myself together and find purpose. I must know where i am surely someone has answers....

Day 1 - S.Macbeth.

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