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Temp. Bans


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  • Sapphire

As a frequent lurker of all things forum related, it has come to my attention that most people get ticked off when they realize they have been TEMPORARILY banned, to draw their attention to a report.

This is not so much an suggestion as it is an explanation (and opinion). When a moderator comes across a possible suspect or person of interest, that person is notified and temporarily banned. This is the BEST way to get your attention. You are REQUIRED to give your point of few, and at that point the ban will be lifted.

That being said if your name is part of a report, get to it, write your POV and be classy to those involved (please don't post angrily how you think it's "stupid that you were dragged into this and banned"). This is the process and it works very well.

*I guess my only suggestion would be maybe a mod can reword what I am trying to say here and pin it on the report discussion page. Maybe even add the requirements of a report as well, as some seem to miss the point on that as well (template-message those involved-video/photo evidence-just a runthrough)

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