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Hello people of DayzRP!

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Hey guys, a new guy here to DayzRP, but not to RP if you know what I'm getting at. Yeah I am new here, submitted a whitelist and waiting for them to eventually get to it at a very later date in the future. Er...what can I put...oh yeah I've seen video's on this server/community and I LOVE IT! And I'm not saying that lightly either, I really do enjoy this community because of the face that It holds the CORE values of DayZ which is NOT KOS because essentially that's what the game has come to. And I don't want to be stuck in the crowd of KOSing 12 year olds that think their bandits without even you know properly playing it out, but yeah people nowadays see you have a gun...they will do everything in their power to kill you just for a bit of loot and supplies, which really hits me in a nerve. So anyways I hope to be joining the server very soon and have a helluva a time on it! :)

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