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Future Plans?

Jim Lodos

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I made this thread to ask if there are plans of adding more RP servers in the future. Like one more for EU and one for US. It would be really nice, since the community is growing so fast (from what I've seen from the introductions section) and 100 slots are good but serve a small % of the community at any given time. I know such a thing requires funding and maintenance, but I'm just curious about what your plans for the future are, if you want to share them of course.

If this question has been asked again or this is not the place to post this, feel free to delete and I'm sorry in advance.

Edit: Oops. I guess I'm an idiot. Not only is this the wrong place to post this, but I have already found other similar posts elsewhere. Good thing I apologized in my OP...

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Dear Jim,

I am sure DayZ RP will expend in the future when we have access to logs and we can handle the presure. Currently there is just so much we can do to assist people. I know we have great plans for the RP community and we are going to have a lot of fun! I don't know about our situation regarding funding and Maintenance. But we got Tamaster and he works hard here. So if there is anything broken, he can fix it.

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